Property Management.

Street Realty: A Reliable and Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Firm

For businesses and investors who own commercial properties, managing their assets can become a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Fortunately, Street Realty is a full-service commercial real estate firm that can take care of everything property-related, freeing up more time and energy for their clients. Street Realty offers a variety of services when managing your property, here’s what you can expect:

24/7 Availability
Our 24/7 availability will virtually eliminate late night calls about your property. After hours emergency service lets you sleep easy knowing your property is in good hands even when you’re not available.

The online portal allows tenants to perform multiple tasks and access essential documents related to their lease, making their overall experience more comfortable and convenient. Landlords also benefit greatly from this system because they can view real-time information about their property, including rent payment history, financial statements, and maintenance requests.

Rent Collection and Financial Reporting
Street Realty’s team collects rent payments and can verify that the amounts paid match the terms of the lease agreement. They also handle other reimbursements that may arise, ensuring that everything is accurate and timely. Monthly financial statements and quarterly property reports are also provided to property owners to keep them informed of their investment performance.

Maintenance and Repair
Property maintenance and repair are crucial for maintaining a healthy environment for tenants and increasing the property’s value. Street Realty employs skilled in-house repair specialists who can respond quickly to maintenance requests and minimize downtime for businesses operating within their properties. In cases where outside vendors are necessary, Street Realty already has trusted relationships with them.

Custom-Tailored Management
Street Realty acknowledges that every property they manage is unique and requires a personalized and custom approach. They consider factors such as cleaning and maintenance services like janitorial services and elevators, lease types, and common area maintenance when developing a management plan that meets the individualized requirements of each client.

Street Realty is a comprehensive, reliable, and customer-centric commercial real estate firm that provides property owners with a hassle-free experience. Their 24/7 availability, cloud-based property management system, rent collection, financial reporting, and maintenance and repair services are invaluable for those who want a top-level commercial property management experience. With Street Realty, property owners can focus on building their business and leave the management and maintenance of their properties to the experts.

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