Street Realty is an experienced development partner capable of meeting the demands of the modern real estate industry. With a proven track record of successful projects and joint ventures, Street Realty offers a range of services in the areas of adaptive reuse, ground-up construction, multi-family development, retail, office, medical office, historic tax credit rehabilitation, and urban infill.

Mixed-use projects and multi-family development are among the specialties of Street Realty. The company’s approach to each project is rooted in the client’s specific goals, which may require a combination of market studies, site selection analysis, and development strategies. A team of experts works closely with clients from project conception through design and construction completion. The expertise of the Street team is also instrumental in identifying and cultivating partnerships and financing opportunities for each project.

The retail sector is an area in which Street Realty truly shines. Experience in leasing, management, and development of retail projects allows the company to provide value to clients in many different ways. The focus on unique experiences for end customers is key, and Street has worked with many well-known retailers to create spaces that drive traffic and engage clientele. Some of the successful retail projects that Street Realty has developed or redeveloped include both urban and suburban mixed-use projects, grocery-anchored shopping centers, freestanding big-box developments, and mixed-use pedestrian areas.

The medical office and office sectors are areas where Street Realty has made its mark by developing and leasing facilities that are functional, efficient, and built to client specifications. Medical office developments require a special set of considerations due to specific requirements, including specialized equipment, loading docks, as well as patient and staff access arrangements. Street’s team has experience in structuring medical office developments that meet these requirements while creating a comfortable environment for the end users.

Street Realty’s focus on adaptive reuse and historic tax credits has been instrumental in many successful projects. Adaptive reuse projects are a critical component of the urban infill work that the company is known for. To accomplish many of these projects, the company has a the experience and ability to identify the unique features and historically significant aspects of a property that lend themselves to particular types of development. In many cases, these features may qualify for historic tax credits, which can reduce costs for both the developer and any future occupants.

Infill projects in urban areas require a special skill set that involves market analysis, land acquisition, entitlements, and design. The urban infill process takes on clients’ visions and translates them into unique and applicable urban solutions. For this reason, we are devoted to the implementation of mixed-use urban design that encompasses retail, commercial, and residential properties. With a track record of delivering quality projects with positive outcomes, Street is able to leverage real-world experience to work with stakeholders, create design vision and inspire innovation.

In conclusion, Street Realty provides quality development services across a diverse range of sectors. With experience in diverse areas of development, Street Realty is a trusted partner for clients who are looking to develop their properties, and its size and expertise allow the company to tailor solutions to the specific needs of each client. As an experienced developer with a proven track record, Street Realty is a reliable partner for clients looking to achieve their project goals.

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